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127 West Central St. 2nd Fl
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“Achelois” is ancient Greek goddess of pain relief. ("she who drives away pain").   Achelois was a minor Greek moon goddess.   She was frequently the recipient of sacrifices ordered by the Dodoian Oracle, in order for her subjects to be cured of their ailments.  In other words, complete wellness.  But here at the Achelois Wellness Massage you don’t have to make any sacrifices. Our location is a relaxing serene space that has a sense of warmth, and welcomes you instantly.

Achelois Wellness Massage has been serving the Natick and local surrounding communities for 2 years.  Achelois Wellness Massage was founded in August 2011.  Achelois Wellness is a Solo Practice.  We have an esthetician in our office, so we offer Facials and Waxing as well. 

Massage Therapy is becoming more of a necessity these days and no longer considered a luxury.  Spend some time with yourself, to lay back, relax, and let the hands of our experienced professional practitioner release the stress and tension from your body.

At the Achelois Wellness Massage, We are dedicated to providing our clients with individualized one on one service and treatments designed to enhance your health, physically, mentally and emotionally, through the healing power of touch. 

After your session; be sure to schedule another session and purchase a series of services at a great low price. We want to be your destination for relaxation!

Only you can help me build my business. We love referrals and you will receive credits or add-ons to your sessions each time you refer a friend or family member.


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